1. Awww 😘

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    I don’t mean to, like, endorse cuddle discrimination or anything but……

    *points and nods vigorously*

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    Work outfit 1

    Denim Shirt - Forever 21 Men

    Orange blouse- Thrifted

    Skirt- Thirfted

    Stockings - Avenue

    Boots-  Gabriella Rocha Vitani

    Bag- Aldo Accessories 

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    From I’m Overweight and My Boyfriend’s Not. Big Freaking Deal, by Gloria Shuri Nava

    and a follow-up by her boyfriend, to the fat-hating trolls who immediately swarmed the comments…

    My Girlfriend Weighs More Than Me. So What? by Ali Lawrie

    Good stories. Very kind of them to share. Go read! :)

    The jealousy! Lol no I’m really happy she has him 😌you go girl

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    Yes they are.

    So true

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    Ivory May Kalber and Denise Bidot

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    plus size fashion

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    Follow LoveFigures for more gorgeous curves